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Our Services

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Carpet Cleaning

Total care clean, right deep-down. All kinds of carpets and floor coverings.

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Rug Cleaning

Oopsies, odours and stains gone. Get onto it quickly, call us.

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Upholstery Cleaning

The right equipment, used correctly, works wonders in the hands of professionals.

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Mattress Cleaning

You spend a lot of your life here, make sure it’s clean, sanitised and healthy.

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Curtains Cleaning

World-leading products, gear and tech to tackle the toughest stains on tricky fabrics.

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Odour Control

Nothing is worse than bad smells around the place. We get rid of them.

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All Stains Removal

Free advice from highly-qualified experts. Home or work, office & commercial.

5 steps to spotless

Step One:

Step Two:
Fibre/fabric test

Step Three:
Allergy check

Step four:
Age of stain

Step five:

Why choose us

Food stains. Pet oopsies. People oopsies. Dirt, mud, blood. Sauce, fizzy drink, food stains. Wine (red!). Coffee and tea. Paint, oil, ink. Chewing gum. Makeup. You name it, we’ve seen it. And cleaned it.

First-Class Service

When it comes to service we deliver only the very best to our clients. Relationships are everything to us you are the reason we are here.

Experienced Operators

Our operators are Stain removal experts. With a combined 15-Plus years of experience we have the right solution for you.

Safety-First Attitudes

At Stain Busters we know that safety never takes a day off, and our safety first attitude runs company wide.


Stain Busters guarantees the most efficient & worry-free solutions residential & commercial stain removal in Canterbury.


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