Stain Busters Process

5 steps to spotless

  Step One: Inspect

What’s the problem? We’ll establish the scope. What was spilled? Have you tried any home treatments? At this stage you’ll be enjoying our experienced approach.

  Step Two: Fibre/fabric test

We always ensure we know what we are working with. Various fibres and fabrics are treated differently.

  Step Three: Allergy check

We check whether you or your pets have any allergies, before we start the stain removal.

  Step four: Age of stain

How long it’s been there can determine how we deal with it. Here our expertise comes to the fore.

  Step five: Advice

Now, before we start, we talk you through the options. Identify the result. And of course we quote and explain, make sure you fully understand what we are proposing. All without obligation. It’s your place, you call the shots.

As longtime professionals we know how you’ll been feeling about the problem stain. We’re here to liaise, advise and fix!

Want to know how this started? Years ago living in flats – well, drinks were spilled. We tried to fix the problems. Then called in supposed experts (who managed worse than we had, but knew how to charge). There had to be a better way.

It grew from there. We identified the correct chemicals and treatments for various fabrics etc, and the best equipment.

Nowadays we use world-leading products, gear and tech to tackle the toughest stains. Our company owner Patrick Greig is an IICRC-Certified Technician (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration, the leading international body). He’s also a recognised international trainer operating as far afield as China.