Carpets & all stains

Get those carpets clean, right down deep. Your children and pets (adults too) often play on the floor. You don’t want it to be less than thoroughly, scrupulously clean.

Our total-care service uses premium eco-pure chemicals, taking time to do it right. That’s what you get from a comprehensive end-to-end carpet care programme. It’s backed by free advice from highly-qualified experts.

It’s all about the health of your family. About odours and stains. About long life and sustainability. Isn’t that what’s most important?

Stain Busters handle all carpets: wool, nylon, solution-dyed nylon, Smart Strand (Polyester), polypropylene, sisal, Flotex. Plus we clean and maintain all forms of floorings, rugs, upholstery…

Cleaned properly, carpets don’t need constant attention.

At home or work in the South Island, trust Stain Busters’ total-care service.Supported by comprehensive written reporting, with a costing you can understand and trust.

Life is Messy, We fix it !!!

Food stains. Pet oopsies. People oopsies. Dirt, mud, blood. Sauce, fizzy drink, food stains. Wine (red!). Coffee and tea. Paint, oil, ink. Chewing gum. Makeup.

You name it, we’ve seen it. And cleaned it.

On carpet and rugs, furniture and curtains, mattresses and more. We remove it.

At home or work, office & commercial, school, accommodation industry, theatre, conference – we all hate stains. Stain Busters are the experienced experts with the specialist materials and gear to make problems vanish.

The sooner you contact us, the better. When a stain sits, becomes ingrained, it is tougher to remove - sometimes impossible.

NZ-owned, we cover the lower South Island: Dunedin, Christchurch, Wanaka, Dunedin, Invercargill and in between. Monday to Saturday, we’re always on call.

A stain on your belongings - a stain on your character

Stain Busters are the people to trust to meet your standards.

We have the experience, knowledge, practice and results – backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. We are IICRC-certified, responsible, reliable and trustworthy. We think outside the square. And we remove stains others can't.

We consider it our obligation to take as much care of your home and property as we would our own.

All backed by comprehensive liability insurance for your peace of mind.

We’re able to be flexible with our scheduling - usually we can work in with your timings. No cancellation fee.

Quotations and comprehensive advice are all free and without obligation.

We accept internet banking, eftpos and cash payment. We don't charge percentage fees for credit cards.

Stain Busters is proudly 100% Kiwi owned and operated, caring for our environment and our nation.

A percentage of every assignment we carry out goes to our chosen charities: currently the Child Cancer Foundation and Heart Kids. Plus we are a Business Support Crew Member of the Rescue Helicopter Trust.

Every day these worthy NZ organisations are doing fantastic work helping those in need. We believe it is our duty to support them. Every single dollar we provide, thanks to your patronage, does great work in the community – and puts a smile on our face. Yours too.

Consult Stain Busters with confidence, benefit from our spotless reputation.

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5 steps to spotless

Step One:

Step Two:
Fibre/fabric test

Step Three:
Allergy check

Step four:
Age of stain

Step five:

As longtime professionals we know how you’ll been feeling about the problem stain. We’re here to liaise, advise and fix!

Want to know how this started? Years ago living in flats – well, drinks were spilled. We tried to fix the problems. Then called in supposed experts (who managed worse than we had, but knew how to charge). There had to be a better way.

It grew from there. We identified the correct chemicals and treatments for various fabrics etc, and the best equipment

Nowadays we use world-leading products, gear and tech to tackle the toughest stains. Our company owner Patrick Greig is an IICRC-Certified Technician (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration, the leading international body). He’s also a recognised international trainer operating as far afield as China.

Why choose us

Food stains. Pet oopsies. People oopsies. Dirt, mud, blood. Sauce, fizzy drink, food stains. Wine (red!). Coffee and tea. Paint, oil, ink. Chewing gum. Makeup. You name it, we’ve seen it. And cleaned it.

First-Class Service

When it comes to service we deliver only the very best to our clients. Relationships are everything to us you are the reason we are here.

Experienced Operators

Our operators are Stain removal experts. With a combined 15-Plus years of experience we have the right solution for you.

Safety-First Attitudes

At Stain Busters we know that safety never takes a day off, and our safety first attitude runs company wide.


Stain Busters guarantees the most efficient & worry-free solutions residential & commercial stain removal in Christchurch and Dunedin.


How the beep did that get there?

How the beep do I fix it?

Getting rid of stains is not so much muscle, mainly chemistry. Knowing which compound to apply, when. And we use only safe, gentle and eco-friendly products. Not all companies do.

But then not all companies have our experience – after 15-plus years stain removal, we’ve seen it all. Whatever has happened, however bad it looks, we’ll help. Quickly, effectively, professionally.

The result will be dry in hours, ready for you to get on with life.

Our sister company Carpet Care Solutions provides comprehensive cleaning, we deal with the tough stuff. The objective: remove as much stain as possible without damaging the carpet or textile, through advanced stain treatment expertise.

Occasionally there’s a problem so huge, so nasty, the stain is there forever. Really all you can do is replace the item. But you’ll be amazed how we can reduce it, with gentle but determined treatment.

Our goal: to leave you saying WOW!

Out, damned spot! Out I say! - Lady Macbeth, Shakespeare