The environment: we have a solution for that

It’s up to us all to preserve our world and our living environment. We guarantee that when we’re removing stains in your home, all chemicals and other products we use will be human-friendly, biodegradable and eco sustainable.

Too often companies, (and home-owners) employ cheaper or more convenient short-cut products. Don’t do it!

We use only recognised, world-leading products -sprays, rinses, chemicals, stain removers plus tech equipment and machinery.

NZ Standard AS/NZS 3733 mandates chemicals which must be used in certain situations. We observe that rigorously, and frequently we go well beyond. We are qualified under international IICRC certification. We use clean, healthy Safety Work Kits – check them on the web.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Your home remains in a pure, neutral state for safe, healthy living.